Less Than Two

Less Than Two - Design Studio

Less Than Two is a multidisciplinary design studio located in Northcote, specialising in the development of innovative branding and strategy.


we are designers, writers, image makers & thinkers. located in northcote, Melbourne less than two produces holistic brand & design solutions.

From our varied expertise and unrelenting passion, we are able to produce innovative branding, communication and identity strategies that push boundaries and create exposure. From our diversity comes your greatness. Our team has been successful in helping a vast range of businesses — from bakers, artists, entrepreneurs and retailers — get the exposure they deserve.

"greater than the sum of its parts."

Just as much as we love generating ideas, we get excited about collaborating with clients to ensure their needs are taken care of — both now and in the future. Our journey has always been about the destination, but we know full well the importance of communicating along the way. Us plus you equals two, but together we are so much more.